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“Think, experience, collaborate, communicate, share” are the verbs, which among others, best connote our school.

The main building and the offices of our high school have a central location, being situated in via Balilla, while other two buildings are in via Vespucci, on the south bank of the river Pescara.

The school has a welcoming atmosphere, which makes students feel at ease in the “Galilei family”. Teachers are kind, patient and supportive. They are professionally valid and patient. They care about the students’ eventual problems and manage to sort them out, doing their best in order to limit possible risks of drop out. No one gets left behind!


The main campus of our school is in via Balilla. It offers students several facilities to enjoy school time, having fun while learning. There are: a modern gym which allows students to train, reaching excellent performances in all sports; two well equipped Physics and Computer Science labs; a library where students can spend their time studying by themselves.

Every class has a new Interactive Whiteboard (LIM) that helps both teachers and students to maximize their school time work. There is also an internal yard used by the students during P.E.


The buildings in via Vespucci have a very large outdoor space with a volleyball court and a football pitch, which are also used as gathering spaces for students’ meetings in the good season.

There are Physics and Chemistry labs for experiments under the teachers’ supervision. All classes have Interactive Whiteboards to surf on the Net and do interesting projects.

Our school provides a perfect blend of scientific and humanistic knowledge. The educational offer is vast. Students can take part in Olympic competitions related to all subjects. Every year various students succeed in getting national and/or international awards.

Many courses are organised to help anyone improve his/her skills in all subjects.

One of the most effective is “Smart Learning”, a methodology course which helps students to control and reduce their performance anxiety, besides giving them useful strategies to improve their study skills.

Moreover the philosophy and medicine course aims to deepen the relationship between these two subjects, while the artistic, sport and theatre courses offer a good chance to enhance students’ personal interests and abilities.


The “G. Galilei” scientific high school was founded in 1928. In the past the historical building, placed in via Balilla, was restored many times, until a new entirely glass made structure was inaugurated in 2003.

The school has become one of the most prestigious and acknowledged educational centres in Abruzzo. The names of the Headmasters who have made the history of our school are: Cattivera, Desiderio, Palma, Barbati, Calati, Di Iorio and Carlo Cappello, the present Headmaster.

Two years ago the school received the “Borsellino Prize” for taking an active part in the “Progetto Legalità”, which focused on Mafia and other criminal organizations.

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