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Aggiornato il: 29 mar 2019

Electric cars are gradually catching on, even if this happens mainly in Northern European countries: in Italy electric cars are still not widespread, but it seems that the future in the automotive field is just that.



  • They are powered exclusively by electricity:

This means that they do not need fossil fuels to operate and therefore can also be loaded with renewable energy sources.

  • Zero greenhouse gas emissions:

Electric cars do not produce air pollutants like the famous greenhouse gases, coming from oil burning emissions. They are therefore environmentally eco-friendly.

  • They allow reducing costs:

The cars powered by electricity save a lot of money, so that with 3 euros you can travel 100 km! In addition to this, insurance and stamp duty are also cheaper because they are incentivized.

  • They are less noisy:

Electric vehicles are extremely silent, because the noise of the combustion engine is not heard.

  • They can move anywhere:

Electric cars can also circulate inside the Ztl (ZTL is the acronym of limited traffic zone and this abbreviation indicates the areas of the cities with traffic restrictions). Electric cars are perfect for circulating in the city and every time the vehicle brakes, the battery is automatically recharged because it draws energy from braking.


The disadvantages of electric cars are all connected to the fact that these vehicles are recent so scientists are still working on them:

  • There are a few charging points in Italy, even though this is a temporary disadvantage because in a near future this problem will no longer exist;

  • Batteries still have a limited autonomy

  • Start-up costs are too expensive, although maintenance costs are very low.

In conclusion, as previously said, electric cars are nowadays the best solution to reduce pollution in our cities, we only have to wait until every aspect of this new technology will be perfected.

By Galasso, Mattucci, Montenero, Sborgia S. Renzetti

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